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Career Opportunities

Job Title
Satellite Communication Technician (VSAT)
1. The staff will be required to install, maintain and troubleshooting all the range of equipment and antennae associated with satellite earth stations and be familiar with monitoring and controls hardware and software tools. 2. The equipment the staff will be tasked to install, operate and maintain includes but not limited to: - A full range of C-Band and KU-Band Satellite Earth Stations. - These Earth Station include VSAT and Standard terminals, both fixes and transportable in the range of 1.8 to 9 meters;
Required Qualifications
The staff will be required to have Working knowledge of: - Satellite C-Band and KU-Band RF terminals as HPA's, SSPA's, RF converters, - UP/Down Converters, Transceivers, LNA, LNB and LNC; - IP based Satellite systems; - Hands-on familiarity with Satellite terminals and related electronic equipment. - Experience in test equipment as: Spectrum Analyzer, Power and Frequency - Counter, Data Comms Test Set; - Experience in Video Conference equipment and relates interfaces; - Experience uninterrupted Power Supply, and On Line Power Supply. 5. The technician should have a working knowledge of Intra and Internetworking concepts in so far as it applies to Telephony and Data Communications. Staff provided must have at least 5 years working experience working on this type of equipment, and in addition to having appropriate Technical college Certificates. The staff must have a national driver's license for a light motor vehicle and must be able to drive 4x4 off road vehicles with
Deadline Date
Friday, March 29, 2013