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Career Opportunities

Job Title
IT Technician
The contracted staff-member would be required to provide technical IT support including: • Tests all types of IT equipment, reports on the condition of the items received and conducts repair of faulty computer equipment as required; • Determines whether a faulty part needs repair or replacement and prepares a technical report on all un-repairable items; • Loads standard UN software configuration and applications on computers to be issued to the users; • Assists in the assets control process and physical inventory of IT equipment;; • Keeps repair record in respect of IT equipment including costs and maintenance history; • Develops and implements preventive maintenance plans for the computer equipment in use throughout the mission; • Assists in the set up and maintenance of LAN/WAN in mission, including network and, when necessary, telephone wiring, installation of sockets, preparation of patch cables, and testing of cables and sockets; • Provides on-site technical suppor
Required Qualifications
Staff provided must have at least 3 years working experience on this type of equipment, and have technical college certificate: Other IT industry certifications are a plus. Must have a national driver's license for a light motor vehicle and be able to drive light motor vehicles including 4X4 off road vehicles with manual transmission. Fluency in English, both written and oral, shall be necessary
Deadline Date
Friday, March 29, 2013