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Career Opportunities

Job Title
Microwave Communication Technician
The staff will test, install and maintain the United Nations digital microwave communications systems. The equipment the staff will program, install and maintain includes but not limited to: a). Digital microwave terminals in the range from 1 to 30 GHz. b). Multiplexers, converters fiber optic links and other termination equipment. c). Microwave antennae. d). Ancillary equipment as used in microwave sites such as power supplies, Pressurization systems, order wire, etc. e). Monitoring, measuring and control equipment and software.
Required Qualifications
The staff must have at least 5 years working experience on this type of equipment, and have Technical college certificate. Experience in Harris/ Stratex/ DMS digital microwave systems preferred. The staff must have a national drivers licence for a light motor vehicle and be able to drive light motor vehicles including 4X4 off road vehicles with manual transmission. Fluency in English, both written and oral, is required.
Deadline Date
Friday, March 29, 2013